News and its Audience

I took to social media to see how consumers of news are responding to the media.

Results showed that 100% of people learn more from statistics than sensitive, human interest pieces. One individual added, ‘At this rate [stories] should be harsher’.

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A Covid Christmas

Christmas Week; You brought us surpises- unforgiven – and stunted our festive traditions. However, you won’t knock us down forever. We are strong and will forge new traditions, find atleast one moment to smile and come together with our loved ones, via video-link…

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Behind The Writing

The truth can be both exciting and scary. What I have told you today is positive and also true; There is also the hard-truths behind it, though. I chose to close the subject, until now, because I wanted you to feel excited with me. It is easy to hide kicking feet under water, but it is what keeps me afloat (The metaphors, I’m sorry! Thank my mum for that).

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