The Glass Strawberry; Have your ‘Pancake Extraveganza’ from home.

Established in 2019, The Glass Strawberry in Doncaster found its home. Very quickly, word on the street, of Doncaster’s Newest Coffee House, led everyone to their doors. Independently run, they provide high quality, unique menu for their customers; They provide a take-out service and sit down dining experience – which is as casual, or smart as you make it. However, over the last year The Glass Strawberry, like many, have struggled with the devastating imapact of Covid-19.

Throughout the waves of the pandemic, the business have continued to provide a take-out experience, but it has proved difficult. Before the March lockdown, the bubbly cafe feel had already become flat; I remember visiting them, for a study morning and feeling hit by reality. Little did we know what was to come.

Almost a year down the line, hospitality has opened, closed and been a part of the Government’s ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ Scheme’ over the summer. At the time, it put money in the pocket of independant business’ and gave staff and consumers a taste of ‘normal’. Over this time, booking with The Glass Strawberry played like a game of luck; Everyone wanted their famous Buddha Bowls, Afternoon Tea’s and Pancakes.

Pancake Day with The Glass Strawberry

You have to experience this pancake menu, before all others. To celebrate Pancake Day, The Glass Strawberry put a special menu together, showcasing their best pancakes. How do ‘delicious and warm buttermilk pancakes’ sound to you? Also finished with fresh fruit and maple syrup, this plate is available to you all year round.

As lockdown is still in place, in the UK, I was concerned for the loss of this sepcific pancake experience. Did I need to worry? The Glass Strawberry were ahead of the game and quickly announced, on social media, a take-away pancake experience. This is what they said, to me.

‘We are trying this week to do a takeaway pancake service, it’s a bit of a risk. We don’t know whether to get staff in off furlough or not, we are hoping people will book well in advance so we can be ready. We might not sell any, but we hope we do’. They added, ‘Things are a lot brighter and we are being supported fabulously by our customers. We are selling afternoon teas & vouchers for takeaway daily & although it only pays the bills it stops us from financially going too far backwards.’

For five-days, from February 15 to 20, you can order and collect from their limited edition pancake menu. Why have one Pancake Day when you can have five? Choose from ‘The Amercian’ sweet and streak, the ‘Black Forest’ ultimate indulgence or a classic ‘Caramel Apple’ spin on pancakes.

The Glass Strawberry offer take-away afternoon teas, everyday and they cater to specific dietry requirements! At £17 a head, an at-home Afternoon Tea experience can be ready within 24 hours to notice.

Eating out is something we do to socialise, to celebrate or whilst on-the-go. It feels like a lifetime ago, but the day will come that we can sit around a table again. I asked consumers, where they’d like to go when Lockdown lifts and a woman, from Doncaster said, ‘anywhere local and independant’. The Pandemic has had a huge impact on global economy and the UK labour market will feel it for many more years, according to a TUC article.

In the last months of 2020, I spoke to The Glass Strawberry, anxious about the future of the business. ‘This could kill us off. We are broken hearted’. Yesterday, they reflected on this, telling me, ‘We are in a more positive position than we were at the end of November. We had spent so much money in advertising, new Christmas menus & stock preparing to reopen and it was just a big waste of money. We just felt we had been led along.’

For this business money is stable, but for the thousands of independant business’ in the UK the liklihood of reopening is slim. The Glass Strawberry, in Doncaster would like to thank customers and their ongoing support.

Order your Pancakes

48-50 Printing Office Street, Doncaster

01302 365027

Author Heather Davey

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