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About me:

I’m a nineteen-year-old Northern student, currently studying with The NCTJ*. I began the Level 5 Diploma in Journalism’ by distance, to educate myself more about the industry’s specialisms.

For me, this academic year (20/21) is to focus on personal growth and recovery. However, 2020 became a year of unprevailing events, as the Coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe. The UK has seen three waves of the Coronavirus, after surges in cases, hospital admissions and deaths. I looked forward to experiencing newsroom journalism and running reports in the community. The pandemic has been a challenge for many, but I have turned the restrictions of my journalism into opportunities.

In the last twelve months, I have helped launch an online digital platform, written for various news sites, run my very own news reports and explored ways of interviewing via zoom or telephone. Sourcing exclusive news doesn’t feel like work for me and when my words go into publication it feels empowering; Rejection and editorial criticism are something we all must master.

This is the start of my career and the very beginning of my growth, as a journalist. One day, this page will be a significant mark of where it all began. From entry level skill, to knowledge and a fully flourished woman. This is just the beginning.

*NCTJ- National Council of Training Journalists.

Exploring traditional and modern styles of storytelling

Heather Davey