A Covid Christmas

Christmas Week; You brought us surpises- unforgiven – and stunted our festive traditions. However, you won’t knock us down forever. We are strong and will forge new traditions, find atleast one moment to smile and come together with our loved ones, via video-link. Thank goodness we have technology. This year, we have all experienced the unimagainable and Christmas is just one more day. It is ok to not feel festive this year, but I hope you can find spirit in something, maybe something like this…

Christmas Entertainment

here is a handful of festive recommendations, to get your spirits up this week. TV and Radio have really stepped up to keep you company, this Christmas.

  • Must-See TV: Strictly Come Dancing- Christmas Special, The Great Christmas Bake-Off, Gavin and Stacey- Christmas Special, Big Fat Quiz of the Year and much more. See the Radio Times christmas edition to see the full list of what-on.
  • Quizzes: My student friends will know all about ‘Kahoot’, so why not set up a family video-call and get quiz head on? For those a little more daring, ‘Psych’ is a virtual trivia game, but the aim is to “Outwit your friends”, forging false answers.
  • Christmas Outing: This year is different, in as much as we can’t go events, or travel too far. Have you considered going for a festive woodland-walk with your dog, household or friend (if in Tier 1,2,3). Wrap up warm and grab a flask of hot cocoa, or mulled wine.
  • Get in the Kitchen: Put extra love into your Christmas Dinner, experiement with recipes – whilst you don’t have to hoast for many – or go rogue and cook something out-of-the-box. Get the kids involved with the prep! Mince pies and gingerbread houses (with all the sweets) make a fun activity and a rewarding sweet treat, afterwards.

Gift exchanges and Dinner expectations

The final touch of christmas, is seeing presents under the tree and smelling the turkey, or nut roast. More than ever it is important to break those expectations, as financially many have struggled, this year. Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic, many jobs and industries have been shot down. This has consequently put families through financial strain, debt and even homelessness.

The number, or price of gifts, is not a reflection of love. If your christmas budget has been cut short, please don’t feel guilty (it’s just a material item). Growing up, I’ve seen traditions evolve; Christmas Eve boxes, sizeable advent calenders and expectant secret santa(s). For me, I seek love and rest and peace, which comes at no cost atall. That sounds corny, but it is true and probably has come from growing up. The same goes for festive food. Whether you sit down to a full-traditional lunch, graze on a buffet of ‘bits’, or you struggle to eat much atall, the people around you (physically, or not) should care and give support. Let this festive season be a time of rekindling love and not spending yourself into worriful debt.

“What are your Christmas plans”,

… is a common question right now. I usually laugh before making a sarcastic remark. Though, I know Dominic Cummings wouldn’t be so wry, whilst driving home for Christmas; A grand political paradox.

Another irony, is that I am spending Christmas at home for the first time in three years. So, instead of being isolated and alone, I will be isolated within my home. I don’t mind that: new pjamas, fizz, chocolate and giving to others all sound perfect. Look out for a Christmassy vlog, as I film my highlights over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day (depending on the hangover).

My plan is to live in the magic of Christmas. My cherished Radley is the brightest star in the sky, who I share my secrets with every night. My dad, brother and extended family are safe a zoom-call away. My fridge has food and for that I’m grateful. I have mum, step-dad, pup and rather naughty cat who will share laughs and moments with me.

Ambivilent though it may seem, nothing lasts forever. Life will take you through a multitude of experiences and if you take anything from this and into the New Year, don’t expect everything to be suddenly perfect. 2020 has been challenging, but through challenge comes strength.

Have a wonderfully YOU Christmas and a kind welcoming into the New-Year.

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