Another Year; What are My resolutions?

As we enter the next calender year, many of us feel slighty underwhelmed by the prospect of it being ‘better’. We have seen politics break, humanity panic and the world go into lockdown and it all happened within twelve months. Though, we must remember not to discard 2020 from our memory, as it represents reilience, strength and excellence in many ways. To simply have made it to January 1st is a success, so whatever you do with this twelve months is down to YOU.

I write this almost a week into 2021 and here, in England we are in lockdown… AGAIN. Lets acknowledge it now, so that the rest of this piece can continue well. Boris Johnson, PM announced on January 4 that England would enter lockdown. Education takes on remote learning, non-essential shops and business close, once daily exercise allowed; A review mid February – emphasis on the vaccine progress – will determine how we move forwards. You can seek information on the website (I’m not Politician).

Life continues beyond the ‘C’ and here are some of my goals…

It’s imortant to note that, each one of us is different and so our goals should not compare. If you take inspiration and strength from some of my personal points, that is amazing and thank-you. Let me know in the comments if there is something your hope to achieve this year.

Career Steps:

  • Send more pitches, breaking the cycle of ‘pitch rejection equalling failure’. It doesn’t.
  • Commit to a youtube channel/podcast, to grow my online profile.
  • Seek and take on new work opportunities/avenues of journalism.


  • Continue with NCTJ content and sit exams (dependant on Government guidance).
  • Again dependant on governent guidelines do my first live report, interview in-person and find news stories on my patch (through vox, etc).
  • Prepare and move to university, to study Broadcast Journalism (eek).

Personal development:

  • Engage with, and complete psychological therapy; Gradually decrease medication and increase healthy coping strategies.
  • Get stronger and keep running (perhaps even run a marathon).
  • Acceptance – or atleast acknowledgement – to better the relationship I have with myself.

It doesn’t have to be ‘perfect

The New Year is often rife with diet fads, strict exercise regimes and extreme ideologies on ‘how to be perfect’. You do not need to fixate on new goals; There isn’t a step-by-step book on success. Trial, error and flexibiliby is important. As we saw in 2020, life is vast and unpredictable and that continues.

Take this year to forgive yourself, to not care about what others think, to allow yourself to make mistakes.

Ruin the idea of perfection and live a little.

Best wishes

Heather x

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