COVID-19: Healthcare worker blames the Media for job loss

A healthcare professional from Manchester has lost her job after refusing the COVID-19 vaccination. Angry and upset, she has set up a campaign in Media City UK, as she believes mainstream media is to blame for ‘scaremongering the public.’ 

The Coronavirus disease has seen a lot of speculation, as the disease is new, with no previous medical research to back it up. However, the scientific evidence that has been proved and ongoing studies show that the vaccine has a high success rate. 

A study published by GOV.UK shows that effectiveness against symptomatic disease with the Delta variant reaches approximately 65 to 70% with the AstraZeneca vaccine and 80 to 95% with Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna. 

“They are responsible for scaring people and making people believe it is ok to force people to be a part of a medical experiment.”

The healthcare worker hopes to involve more people in her campaign and effectively to get a response from the BBC, who she holds accountable. 

In her opinion, the reports and programmes published are propaganda for the Government, but science there are sources to confirm what company’s, such as the BBC report. 

A spokesperson, who stood with the campaigner, says that the BBC has refused to respond and has locked off access to the Media City offices. 

The BBC has been approached for a comment.

Is being anti-vax a reason to be dismissed from work and should the Government be setting the example? And how accountable is the media? 

Heather Davey

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