Radio Ga-Ga

Last week I landed myself a job at Edge Radio Scotland. I’ve been eager to get a radio gig for some time, but because of COVID-19 restrictions, finding that work experience specific to broadcasting has been limiting. Though, through the powers of the internet, I now broadcast news to Edinburgh locals from my home office in Doncaster (I hope the Yorkshire twang isn’t too upsetting).

For a year I’ve been working on articles and journalism across digital media, but getting radio experience in news is definitely the next step in my career. I found it quite surreal seeing my name crop up on externally published articles, but to hear my voice on-air is strange, to say the least.

Closer than you think.

Most people don’t that I live in Scotland; Way back in 12th Century Doncaster, amongst 28 other British areas, was signed over to Scotland in The Treaty of Durham. Almost ten centuries later, Doncaster hasn’t been formally returned to England.

I only have to write my name to be right in the Scottish Highlands. My name “Heather”, derived from “Hather” is an evergreen flowered plant, which thrives in the rocky terrains of Scotland.

So, maybe my job isn’t so far away after all, and when all these restrictions lift, I have a valid reason for a journey to Edinburgh.

Radio Bulletin Example

Radio Demo

My first weekend on-air has been a thrill and I’ve already learnt a lot! Tone, pace, volume, parts of your voice you didn’t know there’s a skill to; In coming months, I hope to progress and find confidence in myself and my voice.

See for more radio, news and entertainment.

Heather 🙂

Edge Radio Twitter Feed

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