Bake with me; Devil’s Chocolate Cake

‘The Great British Journalist Bake-Off’, a new series that me and my friend, Ellie Colton are challenging each other too. The idea came from a single tweet, but as we both love to bake and are currently restricted by tier-three, why not make an actual cake out of it?

‘Episode One’, we decided had to be a Halloween Cake. The series is going to be filmed, however I have had some technical difficulties and lost all of my footage. I blame the theme of my bake; Ghosts. It’s not a great start, but you can check out Ellie’s video on Youtube (linked below). ‘Graveyard Ghouls’ is a transcribed ‘episode’, but I can assure you, it’s worth the read!

‘Graveyard Ghouls’.

A rich, tiered chocolate cake, with a chocolate ganache and marshmellow decoration.

The Recipe

The recipe for my cake was a combination of Paul Hollywood’s ‘Devils food cake’ and my own adaptations; I don’t doubt Hollywood atall, but I couldn’t just steal his work. Here is his recipe:

I adapted the frosting and decoration aspect of Paul’s recipe, but the cake itself, all his. For the filling, I made a basic buttercream: 125g butter, 125g icing sugar and a dash of milk slowly folded together. The consistency is up to you, so you may wish to add for icing sugar, or more milk. I went for a ‘thick’ buttercream and then split the mixture in half. For one half I simply added orange food dye, this is what sandwiched the layers together. The rest, I turned into a dark chocolate frosting by adding 50g melted plain chocolate and black food dye. The frosting should be, again quite thick, as this is going to cover your whole cake. Carefully, using a spatula smooth it on top of the cake and then around the sides; It doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’.

The decoration. I kept it minimal, but found it rather effective. I used marshmellows (tip: you can buy veggie ones now), orange dye and the left over plain chocolate from earlier. Melt around five marshmellows and mix in the dye to create a vibrant ‘drip’. Quickly pour the melted marshmellow around the top of your cake, letting it drip down freely. Then, using as whole marshmellows I gave gave them spooky faces with black icing and positioned them on the cake. I actually used some red icing to give one a ‘head injury’, which was weirdly cute. Lastly, I grated chocolate between the ghosts, to give texture and that graveyard feel. You could really go all-out on the decoration, but I felt like ‘less was more’.

Episode one of the ‘Great British Journalist Bake-Off’ was definitely spooktacular! I hope that you have got the urge to go and bake something frightful. It is Halloween tomorrow, so a centre piece cake would definitely be a treat. But the trick? I’ll leave that over to you. It is Spooky season after all. If you do create your own Halloween cake, tag me, and Ellie,

Make sure you head over to Ellie’s video: , subscribe, like and look out for Episode two, where my own Youtube edition will- fingers crossed- debut.

See you next time, Heather Marie.

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